The other night, at a surprise rock show down the street, an enormous white dog whose “ownership” I never quite placed began wandering through the crowd, accepting love and inspecting the guitars. It felt like a benevolent spirit protecting us — even though that sounds ridiculous.

That night, plus this video, has bestirred in me an affection for huge dogs that I’ve never even remotely had before. My childhood neighbor Brandon was stricken dumb with fright at the appearance of even a medium-sized dog, and so at around 7 I absorbed that dog-reluctance in order to sympathize with him. Since then, dogs have mostly just seemed gross and annoying, as did all things natural and not-yet-sterilized by electronic capture and transmission. The last few years have seen a gradual shift away from that perspective, and what it most feels like is the opening of previously-locked chest doors; I saw that big dog meandering through a crowd of people enjoying really loud music, and a little cuckoo-flap opened in my sternum and warm light flowed in and out. It’s a great feeling to not be closed up to the world!

Huge dog to protect and soothe human larva? WONDERFUL.

Posted Thursday, April 29th, at 1:30 PM (∞).

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